AIN can prepare for you technical and commercial proposals for engineering, supply, and/or EPC of all above-mentioned plants and items, including cost estimations. Our services would include but no be limited to:

  • Review of ITB
  • Extraction of Scope of Work
  • Preparation of Project Synopsis
  • Preparation of Queries for Client
  • Engineering

    • Process Simulations, preparation of PFD/WB
    • Preparation of P&IDs
    • Preparation of layouts
    • Equipment/PSV/Control Valve Sizing
    • Preparation of datasheets
    • Any other engineering work required
  • Cost Estimation

    • Preparation of Inquiries for Suppliers
    • Preparation of Mechanical Estimation Package
    • Preparation of Instrument Estimation Package
    • Preparation of Packages for Fabrication
    • Reply of Queries from Suppliers
    • Review of Suppliers Quotes
  • Proposal Preparation

    • Preparation of Technical Offer
    • Cost estimates
    • Proposal Compilation
    • Reply of Client Queries
    • Compilation of Project Handover Documentation
Data Gathering
For cost estimations and proposal preparation, we start with an initial kick-off meeting/conference call to define and clarify the responsibilities of each party and the range of cost estimate required. Thereafter the progress can be monitored through weekly meeting / video conferences.
Data Gathering
We fully understand that information provided in cost estimation and proposals is of extremely confidential nature and any loss of trust in our services will be an immediate deal breaker. Therefore we employ various IT and organizational techniques to ensure that your information remains confidential at all times. In any case we provide the best baseline estimates for our scope of responsibilities; the commercial costs, contingencies, overheads and profit are added by the clients themselves; therefore the final price is never know to us.
Data Gathering
Through our experience of preparing hundreds of pre-qualification and proposal documents, we know the importance of document presentation and can provide document design and presentation services as well.